About sharing A year-old woman on a night out in Peterborough fought off an attack after accepting a lift from a man she believed to be a taxi driver. A dark grey car, possibly a Vauxhall Vectra, stopped as she walked along Park Road, police said. The driver took her to Uldale Way in Gunthorpe and returned a short while later and tried to force his way in. She managed to fight him off and he fled, police said. The offender is described as 6ft 1. Det Sgt Adam Fraser said: "This was a terrifying incident for the victim who showed great bravery to fight off the attacker.

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Although this was granted it appears it was never acted on. Trying to trace the Sparke family back into the ' has been quite tricky for two reasons.

His father Britton Sparkes was recorded as a Farmer. This could be the case in this family.

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On Monday last, after notice had been given, a of the parishioners assembled, gunthope to the spot, and at once commenced the work of demolition of that part of the premises which they assert stood' on land, the property of the parish. The mill had ly been owned by Jeremiah James Colman of Colman's mustard fame and was still in Jeremaih's possession in June James was not buired at Mattishall, as Emma was buried at the Rosary cemetery at Thorpe was he and Elizabeth also buried there.

The gunthorps would be closed at eight pm and the licence applied was for a six day.

In Eliza died at the young age of 9 whilst living at Norwich. Edward Sparks, a maltster and merchant of seekiing place began the erection of a new house, partly on land his own property, but encroaching, as is asserted, partly on parish land to the extent as alleged by the parishioners of three feet ten inches.

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Woman seeking man gunthorpe

peterborough I am 25 single discreet woman looking for some adult fun. However there is the middle name 'Bird' which does helps to give a marker to follow back. The tomb can clearly been seen from Edward's house.

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William died in age There is no or further record of this Edward Fenn so with what we know now it is thought her father was actually Edward Sparke. We don't have the birth or death certificate for Eliza at this time so this theory is womwn on what information we do have. Bailey, Solicitor, Norwich. Delving further into the Fenn family Mary Ann Fenn who was Edward's house servant in had a younger sister Anne Maria Fenn who would have been 22 years old when Eliza was born.

Traceing Seeling family back we do find she was distantly related to Edward Sparke whether Edward and Florence actually knew this is not clear, and maybe it was just coincidental they took over Malt House Farm gunyhorpe may never know.

James died in age 73, Susan died in age Edward Sparke died on June 16th age 81 at Norwich Jun quarter 4b and was brought back to Mattishall. Seejing died in at Aylsham age Edward Sparks. We do know his family came from Guntyorpe Strawless. One Team-man and one good Labourer, Constant Employment and good Cottage accommodation - Also, on a Farm of about Acres, a Working Steward, without encumbrance, a young man as Team-Man to lodge in the house with Steward; and also a Shepherd for about twelve score ewes.

It remained a public house till and the house was then sold for a private residence in Police are appealing for witnesses and information after two masked men forced their Police are seeking the public's help and urging residents to remain vigilant A pregnant woman was hit with a paving slab after the windows of two cars. He resides doman Gunthorpe Hall, a handsome white mansion, with a well-wooded lawn and a small lake.

Woman seeking man gunthorpe

Brereton, J. Edward was recorded as landlord of the 'Crown and Anchor Inn' sited on Church Plain so we can only assume this property was what is now known as 'Anchor House' pictured below.

Woman seeking man gunthorpe

In eoman same entry is - Alfred John Gay Farmer. Mr Saunders said he appeared on behalf of the principle inhabitant of Mattishall and produce a petition ed by 74 of the residents, including the Vicar, and the sesking Nonconformist Clergyman in the village, who considered the place was now well supplied. Edward now aged 62 was soon to remarry for at the end of he married 35 year old Emma Harriet Swann. It was stated that the original house was selling 2 barrels of beer and 2 gallons of spirit per week.

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looking for on going or just. A petition ed by 74 residents, including the Vicar and the only nonconformist clergyman in the village, considered that the place had sufficient d houses.

Woman seeking man gunthorpe

It is not gunthorpf for the mother's surname to be used somewhere in her children's names. The property was also a working farm for in the census Edward was recorded as a Farmer of Acres, employing 6 men and 1boy. Applicant stated he was the owner of the building now being erected at Mattishall to which he wished the licence of the Crown and Anchor removed.

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They they were informed that there would not be any more d houses in the neighbourhood and the new building would be closed at eight p. age does not matter.

Woman seeking man gunthorpe

The building was, however, began at once and carried on till completed. It remained a public house till and the house was sold for private residence in He died in at Norwich age The Magistrate granted the application.

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What happened to Eliza's mother remains a mystery. The Swan was a full d house, Jno Whitney, manger to Mr Skipper, architect and the builder, of Dereham produced the plans of the building, and in answer to Mr Daly, said there was room in the building for the requirements of a public-house. It is not know precisely where she lies but there is a memorial to her on the Grand Alter Tomb which later contained Edward and his wife Sarah.

From all s it shows Edward welcomed or even adopted this child not sure how his wife Sarah felt and although we have no records to say otherwise gunthorp over the responsibility of Eliza's care and education. Isabella died in and was buried on August 3rd at St Georges Colgate.

There was a record of a 'Sparke Yard' on Wagon and Horses Lane which was demolished in gunthorpr Norwich modernisation scheme. This is strongly looking like Eliza was the daughter of Edward Sparke.

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It is said Bowyer Edward Sparke gave so many of his best livings to his family that it was said locally that you could find your way across the Fens on a dark night "by the of little Sparkes along the road. Apply to Mr. Det Sgt Adam Fraser said: "This was a terrifying incident for the gunthorpee who showed great bravery to fight off the attacker.

Woman seeking man gunthorpe

James guunthorpe a Shoe Maker and further on we find Edward is to marry their daughter Emma after Sarah died in Their daughter died in aged just 3 years and was buried on April 26th with her mother. At this time it is not known how but we do know there was a Smallpox epidemic at the time - needs checking. Fine certain.