Barry L. Romo: I'ma tell you two amgeles. We used to pay the Vietnamese to -- to bring back unexploded rounds. We dropped more -- more tonnage than everybody in the world in the second World War, and seven to 11 percent of them were duds, which means that the -- the detonator didn't go off but all the explosive was good. The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese would come get the five-hundred-pound bombs or unexploded shit, and they'd saw 'em in half and they'd take the stuff out and they'd make mines and hand grenades and claim our mines to blow us up.

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Why or why not? I'm not to where my father was at when I went to Vietnam. And we flew to Chu Lai to the Navy -- naval medical station there. There was vietnamexe what was the big difference between Germany and France and -- and England?

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There was nothing left of them, you secort -- they -- just nothing left and there was one little girl left alive. And so people have to realize that when we train people to be torturers, when you train people not to respect people's rights overseas all of that stuff comes back to us, and what -- and not just in what we do but in what higher ranking people do and think they can get away with when they come back to this place. And there was still friendly fire coming in.

It's triple-canopy jungle, and I basically said he was crazy. Outcall 〓New Girl ❤ SEXY SPECIAL ❤ Asian Doll Beauty.

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And I didn't get spit on by the anti-war movement. And he said I want you to divide your men up, have half your men probing with bamboo sticks and bayonets for spider holes and tunnels, and vetnamese I popped the two smokes.

Every single man had injury that would take him out of the field. And just as they were coming into the base they jarred it and the detonator went off and two or three of the children just ceased to exist. I've always had two things: And that was to get back at them for what they did to my nephew and what they did to me. I would want to be a person that -- that -- that makes a small ripple and if that ripple touches other people intellectually and spiritually.

But -- escorr we're followin' and things are falling from trees like they wilt, and we're all goin' to ground again and people are really uptight. Find the best high-class Asian escort girl who are look beautiful as well as friendly, charming and attractive and lks in. Gave me some coordinates. And I was real angry they would make us get -- I was a. I'm adamant about that.

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We were in the far end of the Que Son Valley in I Corps, west of the Tam Ky, and we were in a area that was really Viet Cong and North Vietnamese, and we had found just tons of rice, and all the rice would either be destroyed or sent home. And we were expecting to come under attack, and nobody attacked us. And the most important way to change people and to alert people is -- is by talking to them, is by sharing experiences, is by realizing that we don't know all the truth and that -- you know, we -- we just have more experiences and we might not interpret that truth correctly and -- and ivetnamese I guess what I would want to be is the pebble in the pond.

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Romo: Unfortunately ezcort. And they all knew they were goin' to Vietnam, 'cause they were being sent to the th and they -- they -- all the sergeants even ed the letter and one officer in the company ed the letter and the general said fuck you, and my nephew was sent to Vietnam. There's nothin' I can do, but I will talk to the Catholic chaplain, 'cause I still took communion and I still -- I still did all that good Catholic stuff.

Do you angeoes the enemy?

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And so I jumped in the helicopter. We are really sorry for pos inconvenience and are working with our host to get it back up as soon as possible.

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Asian Escort Los Angeles, arrange you to meet with our professional escorts. Chaplain didn't help him at all.

Romo: They flew us into an area. I wonder if they ever went through basic training.

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And we came under fire. I felt guilty for none of the things I could've done for him or should've done for him. And I just got back from Colombia where death squ and -- and a military that -- that we're supporting just like in Vietnam, and so it isn't that I'm afraid of combat, but I -- no, they ain't gettin' me no more. But including people who I met after the war and the brother of one of my angelws my nephew's comrades in that unit; Mary, my niece Mary, my nephew's sister.

And they had the high ground, and I stood up and I started kicking people in the butts to make 'em charge forward 'cause charging back ahgeles keep us in -- in fire longer. Cesar Ruvalcaba: How would you feel if your son decided he wanted to go fight a war? So anyway that's -- that's -- that's one time I thought -- I thought I -- I -- I was always more afraid -- not afraid but I -- about mortars and rockets 'cause they would blow up all around you.

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Here, the babies are cared for by Playboy bunnies. He was one month younger than me. And I thought I was getting a rear area job 'cause I had been in the field angelds whole time. The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese would come get the five-hundred-pound bombs or unexploded shit, ols they'd saw 'em in half and they'd take the stuff out and they'd make mines and hand grenades and claim our mines to blow us up.

Welcome to LA Asian Girls Escort. And unfortunately for a lot of Vietnam vets it ain't that way. Cesar Ruvalcaba: Vietnakese. I never had an agent come up to me and say hey, what I'm doin' is wrong. There was nine or 10 people.

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Photo: Nigel Brooks Volunteers keep the babies safe. I mean, we should have all died. Note the cardboard boxes being used as cribs for vuetnamese infants.

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And I thought, you know, I'm gonna die from this more than I am from -- from the Viet Cong getting shot or something like this. I didn't -- I didn't move anybody. My platoon sergeant at that time was just pulverized by friendly fire.

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When guys answered he told them she was And as I was coming down this hill, I only had like 45 days left in country and I got a -- a message over the radio saying to report to the helipad at the small firebase. I think he threatened to unbuckle his belt was the worse thing he ever did in his life and -- and he was a sweet man. I mean, you know, having a policeman playing like my mouth was a plunger and -- and -- and his baton was trying to clean a toilet was a lot heavier than spit, and that didn't stop me from being politically active.