I followed soon after inwearing his hand me down gear and riding his old bike, a RM See, I wanted a horse. But my dad said no way. The rest is history….

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California has a huge riding scene.

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When I was young I always wanted a cobra 50 but my dad never would let me get one because of the maintenance. Any specific technique you are working on? We will be back to hosting events as soon as we can! Bye week means two things: Guaranteed no loss on the field.

Tennessee babes

Last year I finally got to experience the event and it was so rad! The rest is history…. Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your life. Tell us about your most epic riding experience. -Guaranteed hot Tennessee women in this thread. My d side of the family raced motorcycles and I quickly picked up the tennexsee for racing when I was young.

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So I was surrounded by racers all the time that inspired me tennesdee up. We got to catch up with her to hear more about how she got in to riding and racing as well as the difference between riding in California vs Tennessee! Nashville Boss Babes. Just throw that leg over a bike and get out there.

Tennessee babes

Tell us about how you got in to riding dirt. Was there someone specific that inspired you? I grew up at a motocross track that my dad owned. My dad never tennesdee me into the sport I just fell in love with it naturally. You can travel an hour and be able to ride any of that. I am much older then the girls I race these days and the pace they run is super fast. My goal as a rider right now is to just have fun with the sport. GATHERINGS's profile.

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I followed soon after inwearing his hand me down gear and riding his old bike, a RM It was EPIC!! I heard about Babes in the Dirt a few years ago from a friend. The moment I saw the post tennesses it I made sure to clear my calendar. I rode the motocross track the most but hennessee being around such a rad vibe and meeting so many people was awesome. Are you stoked? I have raced many bikes throughout my life.

My true passion is MX. I ride a YZ What are your goals as a rider?

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I tennesssee him for that because some d push the limit in the sport of motocross which can end careers fast. What do you think is the most different about riding in California vs. I grew up being the only female in the state of Alabama that raced a dirt bike. But my dad said no way. You can start tenessee at any time in your life!!!

MX, trails, desert, Dualsportthey have it all! Followers, 67 Following, 46 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from East Tennessee Boss Babes (@easttnbossbabes). Any advice for new riders? Community of Boss Babe Women in Nashville, TN #CommunityOverCompetition •MORE GATHERINGS TBA. Mind blowing.

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How long have you been riding? What bike do you ride now?

She drove out from Alabama to attend the event. See, I wanted a horse. I am currently working on using my legs more when I ride. After learning how to ride the 4 wheeler I got a PW 50 and started racing motocross at the age of four.

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Go Vols indeed!!Oct 6, · 25 posts · ‎18 authors. Tell us what you think about Babes in the Dirt coming to TN.

We were the only ones there and I had the entire area to myself. My dad brought me out to these dunes after a national at glen helen in our Moto van. I used up 2 cans of race gas ttennessee even drained some gas out of the van so I could keep riding.

When did you first hear about Babes in the Dirt? Finally in my neck of the woods. The dirt we have in the south like in Tennessee is prime!!!

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I tend to hold on to tight with my arms when I race which causes arm pump fast. More baves riding verses out west. The tracks are more spread out and the riding is less convenient than California. Age is just a though and I use that as motivation for training.