My father moved from his home into a retirement residence. As you can imagine, it is quite a stressful time. Your company was kind enough to squeeze my Dad in on a last minute request.

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They also made sure everything was packed securely and safely. Golomb's Don'ts of Mathematical Modeling: Don't believe the thirty-third-order consequences of a first-order model.

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From the first contact by phone with Cheryl, to Sean arriving at our door for the quote, to leaving the driveway at our new home. Communication was excellent, which was really reassuring, and Cheryl and Ivy in admin were helpful, friendly and efficient right from the first contact, Sean, you were great, even showing up to check on the progress and take some of the excess heavy items on our move-out day.

When you don't know what you're doing, do it neatly. Maier's Law: If the facts do not conform to the theory, they must be disposed of. If that doesn't work, start at both ends and try to find a common middle.

Skinner's Constant Flanagan's Finagling Factor : That quantity which, when multiplied by, divided by, added to, or subtracted from the answer you get, gives you the answer you should have got. Grelb's Law of Erroring: In any series of calculations, errors tend to occur at the opposite end from which you begin checking.

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Thumb's Second Postulate: An easily understood, workable falsehood is more useful than a complex, incomprehensible truth. It was a pleasant experience from start to finish! First draw your curves, then plot your data.

Corollary 1: No one you ask for help will see the error either. Looking for a gooner girlfriend(ottawa)29guys for women · Searching for Looking to be picked up and have some fun(Smiths Falls)28guys sometging guys · Here for a good Looking for someone kinky(Ottawa)58guys for women · Weekend Looking for dating a woman and more(South Keys)39guys for women · See next Book Roger's Motel, Smiths Falls on Tripadvisor: See 82 traveller reviews, 6 candid photos, and great deals The motel offers baggage storage, to make your visit even more pleasant.

They should all fail in the same way. Robert's Axiom: Only errors exist. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience and highly recommend them to others needing help with their next move. Williams and Holland's Law: If enough sonething is collected, anything may be proven by statistical methods. Berman's Corollary to Robert's Axiom: One man's error is another man's data. Badness comes in waves.

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Always draw your curves, then plot the reading. Interchangeable devices won't. It's most daunting, at the best of times, to have to move, but it makes it especially so when you have to do it overseas. If it's incomprehensible, it's mathematics.

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Young's Comment on Scientific Method: You can't get here from there. Morton's Law: If rats are experimented upon, they will develop cancer.

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Experiments must be reproducible, they should fail the same way each time. Wingo's Research Principle: The bigger the discovery, the more likely it was made while testing for something else. By the time one masters the exceptions, no one recalls the rules to which they apply.

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Corollary: The greater the funding, the longer it takes to make skiths mistake. Galileo's Conclusion: Science proceeds more by what it has learned to ignore than what it takes into. We want to Thank You again for a great move, we were so pleased with your crew. Young's Law: All great discoveries are made by mistake.

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Our recent move went smoothly, your staff was hardworking and very respectful of lookig belongings and the unit we were in and the home we moved to. We enjoyed meeting them and appreciated the care they took with out furniture and belongings. Do not believe in miracles — rely on them. If it doesn't work, it's physics. Further Hints on Write-Ups: 1.

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Guy L wrote a review Jul My husband and I were looking for a clean room and a comfortable bed and found it at Roger's Motel. No experiment is reproducible.

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In any given calculation, the fault will never be placed if more than one person is involved. The Reliability Principle: The difference between the Laws of Nature and Murphy's Law is that with the Laws of Nature you can count on things screwing up the same way every time. Einstein's Observation: Inasmuch as the mathematical theorems flals related to reality, they are not sure; inasmuch as they are sure, they are not related to reality.

The experiment may be considered a success of no more than 50 percent of the observed measurements must be discarded to obtain a correspondence with the theory.

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Jaffe's Precept: There are some things that are impossible to know — but it is impossible to know these things. To do a lab really well, have your report done well in advance. Hope all is well with you and your family. Gordon's Law: If a research project is not worth doing at all, it is not worth doing well. Looking for a friend and more(Carleton place)38guys for guys · Looking for someone close to sheffield(Sheffield rd)27guys for guys · Looking for ts, cd, or sissy for Hosting mobile bottom(Smiths Falls)27guys for guys · Exhibitionist/ voyeur.

We will recommend you anytime we get the chance.

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Henderson's Law of Scholarship: Research is reading two books that have never been read to write a third that will never be read. Now I don't have to shop around for other movers that's how much of an impact he lokking on me.

Don't apply the terminology of Subject A to the problems of Subject B if it is to the enrichment of neither. Mann's Law generalized morw If a scientists uncovers a publishable fact, it will become central to his theory. As to our crew, Luc, Patrick and Tim, we can't say enough about how hardworking, efficient, polite and friendly they were.

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Catch Phrase: Rumpelstiltskin.