In the news box, More I made a small formatting change to the Wikimedia box. Cirt talk26 December UTC. In the box, the formatting should be uniform -- Done. Thanks for the quite quick response!

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The intro doesn't seem to cover the scope of the article intro.

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The more pics the better. News -- Please take a moment to look at the Film portal at Wikinews.


RichardF talk28 December UTC I'll try to protal more pics, but I think we have a good amount as is, and they're all free-use. Thanks for all your help!

Pretty models portal

If the target is a sub, use the syntax If the target is a sub, there is no need to include the external ID s of its parent s. What's here for Topics just looks like a blob of links to me. If the target is a sub, you must include the name s of the parent s in the path.

Otherwise, just tell people to go look at the project, another weaker off-portal reference. Since even Template:WikiProject Films tasks doesn't cover all of the possibilities, I would add some of the ways people can get involved that modelx listed on Template:WP Film Sidebarparticularly Task forces and Departments.

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Note: Entering a URL to navigate to another portal from the editor may display unexpected. I don't understand, how would this section be different than news? I will try to find them, add them, and format them appropriately and get back to you on this.

Pretty models portal

Note that multiple ,odels in a portal may have the same name, and therefore the same URL. To connect with Sexy Sweet Pretty Models Around The World Portal, log in or create an. Contribute project to-dos : - I went ahead and added a link to the sidebar template with the taskforces, so that's Done.

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Because at other portals I have seen this arranged alphabetically. Cats core : Looks good.

Pretty models portal

No laws broken there. Some people love topical browsebars, some hate them. It was there before you posted any of this.

Pretty models portal

They clearly do a much better job than we ever could with updating the Film-related news stuff, and there would be a lot of updating involved. Thanks for the quite quick response!

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Cats core : - Done, thanks. Topics main : If has subheadings, then Topics should too. I suppose alternatively we prefty also remove the headings inand have that be alphabetical as well? Why have moxels one-stop-shop if it keeps prematurely sending you away? I made a small formatting change to the Wikimedia box. Again, I'd rather not copy and paste a list into there from one of the other Film todo boxes, which would then have to be constantly updated along with the actual box - instead, there is a directory of "todos" of sorts, which I think is just as useful.

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Update: -- Changed the layout for all of the Quotes Portal:Sustainable development model - some don't have pictures, but it looks much better. See EducationScienceReligion and Sustainable development for some examples of sorting Topics and by comparable headings. Dec 7, - Explore Shanita Grandison's board "Eyes portal to the soul", Find images and videos about cute, model and eyes on We Heart It - the app to get.

Colors alway cause controversies!

You mean historical events? Articles top 10 : Very few images, boring. Sexy Sweet Pretty Models Around The World Portal is on Facebook.

Pretty models portal

Overall: There's no doubt it's going to be featured, but the whole impression of the portal comes off as rather bland to me. Bios - Again, not sure on the policy of referring to stuff as "featured" sections, but I guess if you think so I'll go ahead and change it, others can always change it later. Cirt talk27 December UTC.

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I'm not surprised. I see no problem with a few off-portal references, especially to places with a wealth more info and good links.

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I'll bet a monthly "Anniversaries" section would be plausible. Modelw effect, it should be transcludable, or whatever you call it!? Cirt talk26 December UTC.

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All those fair use pic restrictions on portals diminish their quality, IMHO. Thanks for being such a good sport by responding to all my comments. Done - Added FLs.

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Done - Lists - Okay, I went and broke up the "Topics" into "terms" and "lists". Contribute project to-dos : Very limited apparent offerings considering the scope of the project. Who ever said "copy"?

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This "problem" could have a "simple" solution, but I'm not familiar enough with the "DynamicList" function to know how to send it across sister projects. Close the editor to exit edit mode before navigating to another portal using its URL. Why copy and paste stuff from that most excellent portal, when a simple link over there provides a wealth more info of the exact same kind and benefit?

It's also called "On this day" e. The title should be changed. Kinky young chick is Pretty Gals Underware Model Audition.