Aye, I am perhaps overstating the case to suggest they might walk home. Me overstating something, who would have thought? Boozeburglar May, Just saw on the news that a guy who abducted, etc.

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Hair: Blonde. Who decides that they perssonal fit for release? It might shed some light on the success rate of our current method of dealing with these matters. What a rational and helpful viewpoint, especially from someone who claims to have spent two years in law school and so might have been assumed to have learned something important about the law.

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People in mobs wind each other up into a state where they're not rational. And creative alternatives? Aye, I am perhaps overstating the case to suggest they might walk home.

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No, son, he wasn't given a capital sentence because it was done away in the mid-Sixties. Local lady das dating and personals hot horny moms seeking adult channel Thurso. The important thing is that children know peraonal no matter what, they can confide in you no matter what it is and no matter what threats are made by someone - regardless of what the situation is, be it playground bullying or abuse. So, if someone started a rumour, and it was untrue, you would not care if you ruined the guys life, family life and possibly his work?

I suppose the Judges know what they are doing; or at least the Sentencing Guidelines Council do.

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Let's just lock up everyone for ever!! He raped one of the children and sexually assaulted the other and was released in Boozeburglar The Parole Board carries out the functions mentioned. We now know they had certainly been conspiring at the time they were observed, and could therefore have been arrested had the intelligence been available. If there is no problem with the courts then it follows, time served is the end of their debt and they are free to go.

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Solus May, so yes we should be aware personla where these 'people' are living, not to be vigilantes That in an ideal world would be fine but The law which protects you and me isn't perfect but it's got years of experience. It is perfectly right for the process that failed to administer justice and protect the public to be scrutinized to ensure a repetition is less likely. You'll have access to all sorts of information not in the public domain and your many years of experience and skills acquisition will allow you to set an appropriate tariff within the restrictions placed on you by the legislation that covers the crime being tried.

Believe it or not, judges tend to know what they're doing in taking into all the factors of a case. Peter Tobin should have been behind bars when he raped and murdered that girl. Apr 6, — THERE are 19 sex offenders living in Caithness, according to the latest are 10 persobal in Thurso on the sex offenders' register, seven in Wick.

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I always love these little throwaways at the end of an argument. Ultimately it is up to the Parole Board, who look at every report, these reports come various professional people all trained in working with sex offenders.

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Mobs don't form because of wild animals. We shall see just how much was known and why resources were diverted elsewhere.

We have far too many people in prison. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Thurso Hot Women Having Sex scenes Sexy Asian babe have sex with her personal trainer at the gym.

Perrsonal in a loving way of course crayola May, Aye, of course. I have plenty to share. It doesn't work on the victim's behalf.

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And how can some one be a good person if they are inside for what ever reason, before you get a prison sentence these days, you need to have commited a serious crime, murder, rape, assault or have commited the same crime or crimes time and time again!!! And who says what they are? Why has the Bard of Birsay not treated us to a treatise on the merits of the literati zds the failings of the literali?

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DDD free attractive black male here looking for a cool woman who enjoys deep passionate tongue kissing. Relation Type: ANY COLLEGE Wex SUCK COCK. Is it OK for someone to torture a fellow human if the circumstances are right?

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This way once they have served the mimimum they are not automatically released, they could be assessed and depending on the outcome they may or may not be released. It's also possible to be right much more often when looking at situations with the clarity of hindsight - as you clearly acknowledge. And the answer is it depends on your point of view.

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If you're going to treat sex offenders differently you need a good reason for it. Their intention was offence enough. You didn't read it.

Just hope he never thinks you might possibly do something in the future This was a premeditated violent sexual assault on two children. The likelihood is he would have offended at any point of release, in view of that I think his sentence for the crime he committed in WAS lenient. Stalin, where are you now???? perxonal

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Were you out of college the day they covered "burden of proof"? I doubt that they recieve more help than the victims, although it may be percieved that way, but if you were to release them from prison with no house, no money no clothes, what then? Then again murderers may be mostly good people who have just done a bad thing. I in no way condone abuse - I know too many people that have been victim to it, but in most of the cases I know of, it has been a family member, not someone along the road.

Some of it one point in particular, anyway in agreement with you. No problem here with using prisoners for clearing litter along the sides of motorways, painting bridges, weeding old folks' gardens.