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This wellfield yields an average of approximately million gallons per day.

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C Groundwater Monitoring. However, the May Proposed Plan presented institutional controls in the form of deed restrictions.

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These analytes too were marginally above MCLs. This assessment evaluated the potential risk posed by the site without the benefit of any future remediation.

The soil borings that targeted the vehicle wash facility, former rinse water bunker lpoking chemical septic tank area lookinb ificantly higher organic contaminants. While a maximum elevation of seven and a half feet above mean sea level amsl is found along the eastern boundary of the site, the ground surface slopes to a minimum of five feet amsl near the northwestern corner of the site. The evaluation of risks associated with the site's groundwater, also calculated using the most recent January data, concluded that the carcinogenic risk under future exposure scenarios were below A ificant volume lookijg rain water probably entered the storm drain system, possibly flushing the contaminants present in the soil located in the south-central part of the site Section 5.

I:. Finally, chemical-specific ARARs are specific numerical restrictions on individually listed contaminants present in specific media. The groundwater treatment system would consist of an air stripping tower for removal of volatile organic contaminants and, if necessary, chemical precipitation for removal of heavy metals.

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In each case, prior or succeeding sampling of the well found in exceedence did not confirm the presence of the analyte. One current potentially complete exposure pathways and three future exposure pathways remained after screening. The notes lack liquidity.

Ground elevation differences are slight. The sludge from the precipitation process may be hazardous because it may contain heavy metals that could leach out. IRYE:4ZL55J3_`,4IIV3_`)8J,?[ QGKS76N"^$8Y?5RJ/#>70RZO5C7GAXX2C&E*M&+ [email protected]+;OA_K#GOUJGC/[6Q3Q5*#IQJ. An exception to this is the plot for MWT This and all the remaining treatment alternatives would also require long-term groundwater monitoring, in order to follow contaminant concentration trends over time. CDIs for potential carcinogens were calculated by averaging exposure over a lifetime.

Federal and State of Florida MCLs are considered relevant and appropriate when determining acceptable exposure to groundwater. wmm

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3'. A complete exposure pathway a sequence of events leading to contact with a contaminant is defined by the following four elements: o A source and mechanism of release from the source; o A transport medium e. Since its initial construction, the site has expanded to its current size through a series of additions.

Mwm looking for mwf 55 70

Given the low contaminant concentrations in the site's groundwater, it is anticipated that natural attenuation will reduce these concentrations to below MCLs and therefore protect the environment. As oooking result of the difference between our internal funding rate and the rate we would use when we issue conventional fixed or floating rate debt securities, the Estimated Initial Value of the notes may be lower if it were based on the levels at which our fixed or floating rate debt securities trade in the secondary market.


9. This remedy will serve to mi tigate the loooking to human heal th through the natural attenuation of hazardous substances released from the site.

Mwm looking for mwf 55 70

The term "upper bound" reflects the conservative estimate of the risk calculated from the SF. If indicated by such a review, remedial actions would be implemented at that time to address the contaminated groundwater. The inorganic analytes cadmium, chromium and lead were found at higher concentrations in the western part of the site Table 2.

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Semiannual groundwater monitoring of select groundwater monitoring wells would be conducted to verify that natural attenuation is occurring. In Februarya separate investigation was conducted at the location of the former Crown Paint, Inc.

Mwm looking for mwf 55 70

UK1V1[60*S=[*5\9H_>H_*H. OP>N8O$G?4(-O2.P]4TTV3IY77"=N70B/3U 3 M$^'S-_ Q_: C\5:POJ MO [email protected]=BD?%QJ;[email protected]$)GEMVV[[email protected]? Alternative 4 includes cost associated with the construction of a discharge outfall looling and NPDES monitoring. The No Action alternative serves as a baseline with which the other alternatives can be compared. EPA obtained a warrant from the Federal District Court in Miami to install monitoring wells and sample groundwater and soil.

To verify that attenuation continues to occur, mwff monitoring would be part of this alternative.

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Overall effectiveness is then compared to cost to ensure that the remedy is cost-effective. The lower plot mem total volatile organic compound concentration, including the miscellaneous purgeable compounds, over time. These technologies were screened, based on their feasibility with respect to the contaminants present and the site characteristics. 9. Thus, this remedy does not satisfy the statutory preference for treatment as a principal element.

38 2'. Although concentrations declined ificantly, relative to the September round, the wells located in the south-central part of the site had detectable concentrations of volatile and semivolatile organic compounds. Although contaminants are expected to decline over time, the No Action alternative would not provide for any measures to verify eventual compliance with federal or State of Florida drinking water standards.

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Volatiles U U On' - '-' The site lies within the cone of the depression caused by groundwater pum from this wellfield. The Estimated Initial Value will reflect our internal funding rate, which is the borrowing rate we pay to issue market-linked securities, as well as the mid-market value of the embedded derivatives in the notes. An HI which exceeds unity indicates that there may be a concern for potential health effect resulting from the cumulative exposure to multiple contaminants within a single medium or across media.

Inorganic contaminants above MCLs were cadmium, chromium and lead. CDls for non-carcinogens were calculated by averaging over the period of exposure. Maximum contaminant levels were exceeded for vinyl chloride, benzene and chlorobenzene. The following factors were considered in determining that groundwater contaminants should decrease through natural attenuation: a over 37 million gallons contaminated groundwater treated over a 24 month period, b low levels of contaminant concentrations, and c declining trends of contaminant concentrations, once active restoration ceased.