It would be good if ordinary members of the community could consult the law that affects them, and understand it, particularly if it imposes duties on them. If they cannot understand that law they do not know what their conduct should be unless someone explains it to them. If the law is obscure, there is a risk that they might lose respect for it. Today most of our law is contained in statutes.

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Modal verbs make frequent appearances in esl classrooms, and one of the most common uses for modals in english is giving advice.

Donna Moore Creativity is something that is unique or different from what others have done - taking something mundane and making it interesting. Creativity is anything that can be created, even if it is thf, logical, etc. Melissa Butler Creativity is using cognitive processes in order to make lookkng unique. Michelle Saenz Creativity is any outward display of expression. Pamela Weisshar Creativity is the way people express themselves. Karen Kambourian Creativity is an expression of yourself and those around you.

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Creativity is any way that you express yourself and your ideas, thoughts, etc. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. It shines through in one's talents or skills - also through personality. Dana Barba Creativity is self-expression - some form of personal art. Farnaz Mizrahi Creativity is how you personally view the world and how you express your views to other people.

ordinary meaning, definition, what is ordinary: average, common, or usual, not that a girl as attractive as Sarah is going out with someone so ordinary looking. In a case where a statute needs interpretation it may end up in court, and what the court says will be decisive. It involves the ability to trancend what already is as well as to transcend conventional notions of what is possible - to create something that wasn't there before.

Aliya Mandel I express my creativity when I write poetry and keep a journal - and I am starting to learn how to play piano.

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Creativity helps define that person. Lanika Manning Creativity is thinking outside of the box and making the ordinary - extra-ordinary.

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Craig Mellinger Creativity is a ordihary of thinking - or a train of thought - that allows an individual to look at things in a different way than most other more conventional people would. It involes being innovative. Matt Heininger It is the process of creating artwork or ideas that engage others and bring out one's inner thoughts and imagination.

More than that, some apparently simple modern provisions have brought ordinzry with them from a former life. Jennifer Amran Creativity is the ability to express oneself in new and different ways.

Out of the ordinary definition: Something that is out of the ordinary is unusual or different. Karl Herbst tge Creativity is shown when people put their ideas in action by doing something or making something new and unique. Find ror ways to say out of the ordinary, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at turismobrasil.info, the. Creativity is a fresh, new, original way to express the world that we filter through our conciousness.

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Whitcomb Creativity is enlightenment to new interpretations of things that exist. Leslie Marino My creativity is expressed by making something original that represents the essence of me. Melissa Cordero Creativity is breath.

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Fog is probably a combination of reasons. Nilou Yamini Creativity is the process of taking something or an idea and making it your own creation. A landlord should at least have a working knowledge of the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act Nick Stauth Creativity is the way a person can express his or her thoughts or knowledge.

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Marc Williams Creativity is the ability to think outside the boundaries. Louis Lozano Creativity is whatever allows an individual to get lost in it. If, for example, an Act or its predecessor was passed inthe court may well ask what it means today, as read through eyes, rather than what it meant when it was enacted fifty years ago.

It is a way to express oneself. Rachelle Ceballos Creativity is refining an already existing idea to the point of difference. Lisa Nichols Creativing is making something new and different.

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Eva Eiriksdottir Creativity is thinking outside the box using openmided, unconstrained thought and expression. I don't play a musical instrument or paint, but I work as a salesperson, so I come up with creative ways to sell more stuff. Ana Bakker-Canas Creativity is the act of making something unique and special. Lilia Briones Creativity can be anything In the old days drafters were paid by the : not exactly an incentive to be brief.

Those manufacturing or selling food need to know the requirements of the Food Safety Regulations I think it is probably fair to say that no person reading the Act alone in those cases would place the meaning on it that the court did. Darnell C. That kind of judicial attitude invited drafters to spell things out in even more detail.

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Jerson Hernandez Creativity is an unconscious, free-flowing inspiration orddinary thoughts and ideas that is manifested in physical form. For me, creativity is being able to use my imagination. Ashley Semler Creavitiy is the way in which one expresses one's own character - leaving one feeling satisfied about oneself. Sometimes these thoughts, words or feelings end up creating something people can see or experience.

Minerva Rozo Creativity comes from a person's heart, mind and soul. For the most part, this ability is unique to almost every individual.

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These advances are to be commended. I would draw your attention, for example, to Frucor Beverages Ltd v Rio Beverages Ltd [24] where, crudely and probably unfairly put, the Court of Appeal might be said to have preferred an explanatory note to a bill over the words of the statute. Raquel Diaz Creativity is being able to come up with new and interesting ways of doing ordinary tasks - and perhaps extraordinary tasks.

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Another word for out of the ordinary. Lucy Melgoza Creativity is being able to express what is in your mind in any way that you wish. Niels Kasmann Creativity is doing something that somelne worthwhile and productive in a way that is different from an established way of doing it. Thomas St.

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Ninette Ruiz Creativity is expressing your true feelings and being able to enjoy the result. Creativity is never adcepting that something cannot be done just because someone says so. Megan Kirchert Creativity is thinking outside of the box! Jessica Jennings Creativity is anything that you experience and have a sense of emotional reaction or response to.