All rights reserved. A word we use to describe anything we wifh intriguing or unique — something or someone that catches our eye and tests the depths of self-expression and imagination that we commonly confine ourselves to. After researching the origin of the word and questioning what it really means to ourselves and to others, we uncovered some very interesting theories.

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This one may come as a surprise, but in all reality, the people we think are cool are often times the ones who are a bit mysterious. Neither takes life as it is. As a rule of thumb in life, try not to take yourself too seriously. Always remember, knowledge is power so it is important to immerse yourself in topics other than your own interests.

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From the clothing you wear to the attitude you have, coolness is a result of how you view yourself. And it's not to say that they don't have insecurities or anxieties, or that they lookingg care.

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To be cool, be engaged. But if someone's willing to go through some self-discoveryand accept themselves for who they are, they can be cool, too. After researching the origin of the word perso questioning what it really means to ourselves and to others, we uncovered some very interesting theories.

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To see someone who has hit upon lookign — because it is a holy grail — makes them seem interesting. Better still, call someone who was at that event so you can reminisce together.

Looking for a person to chill with

And they're passionate about them. Looks at how relaxing your mind and body can relieve stress, anxiety, or depression. At the same time, however, being presentable and well-groomed is a habit that we must all put into practice every day. It is important to save a little room for mystery — whether it is with a ificant other, coworkers, acquaintances, or friends. To be well-mannered.

Researchers have identified many things — like unpredictable laughter, pale skin, unkempt hair — that people tend to find unsettling in others. but they’ve also realized this: we humans are pretty poor judges of who we should trust, says psychologist julia shaw.

Celebrate weirdness and innovation. The way we look is a very clear indication of how we feel about ourselves, so taking pride in your look and appearance says a lot about who you are and how you feel, especially to those around us.

Looking for a person to chill with

Of course, the above points are a lot easier said than done, especially with some people making it look so natural. So, rather than trying to prove the impossible, allow yourself to laugh at the silly things you do every now and then. Being cool is, in a nutshell, embracing your individuality in whatever you pursue. However, although physical appearance does play some part in the cool factor, most people find that how we act and compose ourselves is most ificant.

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And that means they're incredibly open-minded and nonjudgmental. It is being proud of who you are and not apologizing for your differences or your style.

Looking for a person to chill with

But it's almost percent internal. The reason this is "cool" is because people find passion intriguing. All rights reserved.

For starters, and what may not be a chil to know, is that the law of attraction is closely correlated to being cool. To be cool is…: 1.

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If you aren't wiyh trying to be someone you're not, then that is one less thing to stress about! And that's because they can make even the most mundane moments feel special. To be intellectually stimulated and well-read. Some people feel more relaxed after they write about their feelings.

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Offers how-to Here you will wjth about different ways to relax your mind and body. By learning more about yourself, projecting confidence, and sticking to your guns — even if what you think, or what you care about, is unpopular — you'll have that "it" factor that's hard to deny, and that'll help you stand out from the pack. By evading self-analysis, people go on z robots, conditioned by their environment. It is an attractive quality to keep the people around you guessing from time to time.

The coolest people are the ones who takes classes, read books, have ideas, and who remained open-minded through it all. It is a tale as old as time — it s hard for others to love and appreciate you unless you learn to love yourself. For some, it's a leather-coat-wearing, motorcycle-riding rebel. So stick with being a little unpredictable, and let people ask and find things out about you, as opposed to always giving away the farm without any solicitation.

Looking for a person to chill with

To be elusive. These people are wildly different, and yet they're all considered cool because they project a certain "something" that makes them stand out. Looking at old photos from a day you enjoyed is sure to bring you joy.

Looking for a person to chill with

For others, it's the lead singer of a band, a scientist winning the Noble Prize, or just that really nice girl down the street. This includes understanding current events, politics, fashion, music, sports, and the arts.

If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. Ramani Durvasula tells Bustle.


And that's why, even though coolness can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is possible to identify a few traits that connect all cool people together. A person. To be able to laugh at yourself and embrace your flaws. It is one thing to be successful and physically attractive, but to be humble about it, well, that takes a very special person.

Looking for a person to chill with

Because of this, people love talking to and hanging out with peerson as they're energy is nice to be around. Mar 16, — "A 'cool' person is someone whose attitude and behaviors are think that coolness comes from the way someone looks, how they dress, etc. Manners are habits that lead to class and which have a lasting impression on those around us.