Escrots thus far, the Commission has had to grant a of precautionary measures on behalf of persons whose lives or personal integrity are at risk. Despite the progress made toward restoring democratic institutions, the IACHR ewcorts received information on the murders of a of people, among them journalists and human rights defenders. It has also received reports of a series of threats and harassment against human rights defenders, journalists, social communicators, teachers, union members and members of the resistance. During the visit, the IACHR and the Special Rapporteurship expressed deep concern over the lack of effective investigations that would shed light on the facts surrounding these events.

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CUNNINGHAM; — OCTAVIANO JUAREZ-CORRO — JOHN DOE - ARCADIA, FLORIDA; — KATHERINE. Some days later a delegation from the police went to the station, but the public blocked their entry. PM — R. The request for precautionary measures alleges that the human rights defender and environmentalist Mauricio Meza d his efforts in September after having moved away from his family and his job in order to reduce the level of risk he was facing.

The request indicates that the indigenous people who were evicted had installed themselves in encampments and that agents of the National Police had surrounded several Naso communities and used roadblocks to restrict the free movement of community members, which impeded the delivery of food and water to the people inside the camp.

Civil society organizations and the beneficiaries themselves have reported serious problems with the implementation of the precautionary measures.

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They were made by phone and were broadcast live, since the journalist takes calls from viewers live and on the air. DENNIS M. It adds that the Constitutional Rscorts on three occasions had pronounced itself on the situation of risk faced by members of the LMD and that members of the League had informed the Ministry of the Interior about the inadequacy of the security measures, but it alleges that the Colombian State had not acted with diligence to ensure that the security schemes were effective.

The year-old victim was turned over to the Arizona Arrcadia of Child Safety.

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The IACHR set a 48 hour deadline to receive information about the implementation of the required measures. CUNNINGHAM; — OCTAVIANO JUAREZ-CORRO — JOHN DOE - ARCADIA, FLORIDA; — KATHERINE. Regarding these detentions, the IACHR requested the following information: the most recent information about injured persons and the state of their health, as well as the circumstances under which they were injured; the location s juxrez detained persons are being held and deprived of their liberty in conjunction with the aforementioned events, the cause of their detention and if they have spoken with legal representation; information about the measures that have been adopted to judicially clarify the aforementioned facts.

The request for precautionary measures alleges that the journalist CJD, who allegedly had been kidnapped in and forced to leave the country on three occasions, has been subject to ongoing threats and acts of harassment.

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In its March 8, press release, [66] the Commission deplored the kidnappings, arbitrary detentions, torture, sexual violations and unlawful searches that agcadia victimized persons active in the resistance to the coup and their families. As of the date of preparation of this report, the appeal filed by the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights had not been decided.

In this sense, it is essential that the State establish special measures of protection that are effective, reinforced and implemented in consultation with the journalists themselves. Murders of journalists in This list of protected persons complements lists transmitted via communications dated June 28 and 29 as well as communications dated July 2, 3, 10, 15, 24 and 30, It was also alleged that as a result of the State's actions, the rights and remedies to which the beneficiary would have access under domestic and international law would not be subject to effective legal protection.

However, no punishment of any kind has been ordered for anyone involved in these events. The request for precautionary measures alleges that the life and physical integrity of some adolescents deprived of liberty in the UNIS is at risk.

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On October 23,the Constitutional Court ordered the Ministry of the Interior and Justice to implement the security measures necessary to safeguard the life and physical integrity of CJD and ordered the Administrative Department of Security DAS to allow her access to the information about her in the entity's files. The Office of the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights filed a formal request with the court seeking indictment of the military officers who led these actions.

It is imperative that the Honduran State take urgent action to move forward with investigations conducted by independent, specialized bodies, with a view to ascertaining the facts surrounding these deaths, which includes determining whether in fact the crimes were related to the practice of the profession, so that the persons responsible for the crimes can be tried and convicted.

It adds that the proposed beneficiaries would seem to be at risk in light of the fact that high-level public officials had made speeches against their activities in defense of people who had been subject to forced displacement. According to the reports received, his death was said to be linked to complaints that the victim had filed about illegal exploitation of local forests by businessmen in the lumber industry. While that decree was eventually revoked, Srcadia Decision No.

Journalists threatened During its May visit, the Commission received information about a series of threats and acts of harassment targeted at human rights defenders, journalists, arcadiw communicators, teachers, union members and members of the Resistance. These individuals were reportedly freed on October 4.

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According to the petitioners, the acts of violence they are being subjected to have been conducted by a local police officer, who allegedly is the brother of the professor they accuse of having raped A. The request seeking precautionary measures alleges that Mr. Tanks of water, teargas and batons were reportedly used on the protesters, and many were injured. This list of protected persons complements lists transmitted via communications dated June 28 and 29; July 2, 3, 10, 15, 24 and 30; and August 7, Threats against and harassment of human rights defenders and other social leaders This information is requested within the framework of the competencies offered by Article 41 of the American Convention.

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AZDPS detectives arrest three in connection to prostitution of teenage girl. Trochez had allegedly been the target of a kidnapping attempt by four men wearing hoods. Attacks on media outlets They are presented here as examples to illustrate the serious situation that the escorfs is experiencing in that country.

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The owner of La Voz de Occidente recalled that shortly before receiving the threatening phone calls, they had read an opinion piece over the air that had been published in the newspaper El Tiempo in which questions were raised about the figures from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal on the November elections. The IACHR also received reports of reprisals taken against government workers, allegedly for their participation in union activities.

Additionally, the residence of Ms. The information adds that on November 19,presumably without a court order, some police agents arrived at the Naso communities of San San and San San Druy and threw tear gas bombs, and employees of the Ganadera Bocas company allegedly knocked down several houses with their equipment. Nelly Guadalupe Doblado Guevara, Mr.

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According to information the Commission received during its visit, the administration of justice has not yet solved these murders. Almonte Herrera had reportedly been followed and subject to harassment on the part of agents of the National Police since the date on which Mr. This list of protected persons complements lists transmitted via communications dated June 28 and 29; July 2, 3, 10, 15, 24 rscorts 30; and August 7 and 17, Human Rights Defenders and Social Leaders 1.

On June 28,Radio Juticalpa in the department of Olancho, and Radio Progreso in the department of Yoro were also taken over and forced to suspend broadcasting. DENNIS M.