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The government also wants to make it a criminal offence to engage the services of a prostitute younger than To give prostitutes better protection and improve their lives, the government wants to change the rules for businesses in the sex industry. — Prostitution is a legal profession the Netherlands.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you are allowed. If you are a citizen of Croatia, you may only work in the sex industry as a freelancer. Politics of Prostitution. There are approximately 20, prostitutes working the streets of the Netherlands (Janssen; Hovener, ).

You will need a valid identification card. Question and answer.

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Jul 20, — (CNN) — When the Netherlands introduced lockdown measures in mid-March, Amsterdam's Red Light District transformed into a ghost town. A business owner escorgs wishes to apply this system must obtain an advance tax ruling regarding prostitution from the Tax and Customs Administration Belastingdienst.

Abuses like forced prostitution, underage prostitution and unsafe working conditions still occur. Jump to Do you want to quit working in prostitution? You may work as a prostitute in the Netherlands if you are over the age of You must also satisfy a of conditions, which depend netheroands your country of origin. Of those, 40% are active in.

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This is a package of standard working conditions. Search within English part of Government.

Documents Prostitution Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands as long as it involves sex between consenting adults.