The women, ranging in age from toyears-old, were managers of massage parlors and were apprehended Aug.

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Then social service workers assess the women's drug, alcohol and mental health counseling needs.

Four mobile command trucks surround folding tables and chairs where social service workers set up shop. Long-term value Even though the program's rate of success is modest at best, escorfs is long-term value in cultivating prostitutes as sources, Felini said. But authorities say they're gaining the women's trust and have gotten le on unsolved crimes.

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Dallas vice police have identified more than 1, prostitutes working four truck stops that serve more than 2, big rigs a day. They don't know what living right is. Deciding to try something new, he found five of the worst-off women spots in Homeward Bound. All eventually gave up prostitution, and Felini had an idea.

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Another woman in 4-inch heels and a strapless dress that didn't quite cover her rear tottered through the staging area. If the women have no felony warrants and seem sincere, the judge gives them the opportunity to avoid jail and enter rehab.

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She turned her head and vomited. Many considered dalax to jail part of the cost of doing business and were back at the truck stops within 48 hours, Felini said.


Jul 24, — My friend Candy doesn't have to go far to collect her stats. The program could soon spread beyond Dallas. Police found it to be an especially undesirable. The massage parlors involved were: 1 Spa.

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The program's advocates acknowledge its success has been limited — about half of the women have chosen rehab, and just 21 have turned their lives around. The action usually begins about 7 p. She was one of them until a prison counseling program ddalas her clean up 13 years ago. Moser was also charged with one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, the release said.

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As soon as a squad car entered the lot, every truck driver along I knew how many cops and where they were. Aug 10, — Amid pandemic, Dallas County is devising a new strategy to deal with prostitution cases. Many of the prostitutes detained last month didn't seem to know what was going on.

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We live off Walnut Hill Lane in northwest Dallas, and there are prostitutes on Walnut. Agents said they were offered sex by esorts employees of the parlors and would find an excuse, like having an asthma attack, to get out of the parlor.


The prostitutes range in age from their teens to their 60s. A teenager in a pink jumpsuit and pink rubber clogs sat on the ground, her back against a truck, staring blankly. More than law enforcement agents from the U. Tremont Blakemore, 39, and two suspected female accomplices — Donna Gonzalez and Peaches Hurtado — were arrested at a Fort Worth home and charged with promotion of prostitution and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Police said Blakemore and his group have been connected to prostitution activity in multiple Texas cities, and Blakemore has been tied to at least three locations in Fort Worth, Dallas dalaz Lancaster.

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For months, the DA's office simply had to send women. Nearly all abuse drugs. Dallas played host to last daas NBA All-Star game, which also meant it hosted tens of thousands of prostitutes. His brainstorm became the Prostitution Diversion Initiative. Department of Justice news release. Police treat prostitutes as sex crime victims, offering many a chance to clean up and get off the streets.

21 arrested in dallas county prostitution sting

da,as The women get STD tests and other medical care at a mobile health clinic. The women, ranging in age from toyears-old, were managers of massage parlors and were apprehended Aug. Since then, groups from Edmonton, Atlanta and Fort Worth have asked for more information about the program. Later, she told the judge she was not a prostitute, her cringe-inducing outfit notwithstanding.

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More than half have children. The combination left her too impaired to make a choice that only Dallas offers prostitutes: Go to rehab or go to jail. With those options, the city is taking a new approach to the world's oldest profession.

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Police have developed le on a couple of unsolved homicides, and the women are learning to trust officers. Agents found the brothels had at least 21 women who are suspected to be victims of sex trafficking. After 45 days of inpatient counseling, they receive help with education, child care and housing. Police said they later escortw Blakemore as the head of a large-scale prostitution operation in the North Texas region. Days later, they received an outcry about prostitution and human trafficking activity at the house.

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Police confiscate the prostitutes' property and interview them for information about criminal activity, ezcorts as whether pimps are running underage prostitutes out of area motels. The last stop of the night is the mobile courtroom. Of the eights brothels, five of them were located within one-block of each other, the Morning News reported.

She hadn't slept for three days and was coming down from a crack high, she explained.