That's all Dave knows. All that matters now is that Dave, a year-old auto parts store manager, went to The Palace at Feather Sound with two of his buddies from work, and he's leaving with a woman. They met under the orange glow of a neon palm tree. Janet Jackson was blaring down from the speakers.

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Creative loafing personals

Charlotte, North Carolina's alternative news source! It's a wonderful institution, the basis of a stable society. But there is hope, if you know where to look.

They had made eye contact sometime earlier that evening, and after a few bottles of liquid courage, Dave had boldly gone where no man had gone before. The key, say dating experts, is to get out.

The best bet is to find a place that has a reputation as a singles haven. Creative Loafing managing editor Greg Fulton said his paper has received no complaints since it began running personal a year and a half ago.

Cleveland Scene · Cincinnati CityBeat · Creative Loafing Tampa · Orlando Weekly · St. Marriage, right? Lawrence Hatterer, a Manhattan psychoanalyst, said in a recent interview.

Creative loafing personals

Only after both sides see each other's tapes in a private screening room and agree to meet will Bradley give out phone s. He walked up and asked Sharon to dance.

You go in to meet that possible one and only, and it very rarely happens. Whether you're taking out an ad or answering one, there's no way of knowing what kind of person will respond.

Creative loafing personals

Go to the grocery store and try buying for crative. Okay, so you live in the Tampa Bay area and want to meet someone. Petersburg's older residents. Here are a few examples, culled from personal that appeared in a recent edition of Creative Loafing, a weekly arts and entertainment newspaper published in Tampa. For instance, we won't take a business opportunity ad unless we check it out and see that they're valid.

Creative Loafing Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.

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They found a square foot of open space on the dance floor and sort of jogged in place. Inside the Winner's Circle Video Dating Club in Tampa, the colors are soft, the furniture is dainty and the wedding pictures are everywhere. They met under the orange glow of a neon palm tree. Countless relationships have been nipped in the bud and millions of laps have been doused with a drink because someone sauntered up to a prospective date and asked, "What's your ?

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Plus you'll see each other all the time, and that could be a strain. The problem with personal is obvious. It has its advantages, as singer Tom Waits once pointed out: I can sleep until the crack of noon. Waiting to get in the game. The revolving spotlights lit their faces for an instant, and then they became shadows again.

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Read Our Sister Publications. SouthComm acquired the newspaper from CL Inc. They talked on the phone several times before their first date.

Creative loafing personals

There's a shot in the dark. If I wanna go out fishin'.

likes · 50 talking about this. I can go out when I want to. Spend midnight howlin' at the moon. on October Feb 13, — Euclid Media Group, LLC. Or that a man is single by choice, but a woman is persona,s because she can't find a husband. He shoots.

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But she went through with it, and after a few dates, she was matched with Ryan. It is distributed free of charge and covers news, music, film, classifieds, personals and the arts. Part of the reason, he said, is that nearly 80 percent of the include a telephone service that ooafing readers to call a and listen to a recorded message from the person who placed the ad.

The service lafing like this: Clients make a five-minute video in which they're interviewed by someone off-camera. All that matters now is that Dave, a year-old auto parts store manager, went to The Palace at Feather Sound with two of his buddies from work, and he's leaving with a woman. You're divorced, separated, widowed or you've never been married.

And the first meeting should always be arranged in a public place. Any pairing is left strictly to the individuals.

It's just a matter of finding them. The caller can hang up or leave a response.

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As the happy couple were walking away, Craig smiled and raised a Coors Light in salute. The best advice, say the officials, is not to give your last name, home address or phone until you feel comfortable with the other person. The bar scene?