The Unfinished Carew Pole Nightcap English, circa This is a reproduction of an unfinished man's nightcap in the Carew Pole collection, one of the finest private collections of embroidery in Britain. I first saw a picture of this cap in Mary Gostelow's Blackwork, and made my copy from that picture professiona, the accompanying description.

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A detail of the original, with the brim turned up, no fill stitches. The geometric fill stitch in the feathers alternates between two professionla, and are deed to appear like the spines on a feather.

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Learn more Available from proofessional sellers. Unfortunately, the picture is not detailed enough to see the exact stitches clearly; I could not find another picture, and the original is not currently on display.

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These days, I have a job, and can afford all the materials I want, but it was different back then. splate Mellin,fr where noted. Each de alternates in rows from left to right, switching orientation on each level facing left on one row, then right on the next.

Another factor was the price; while gold thread is not terribly expensive, it was outside my budget back then - I used a scrap piece of linen scrounged from a friend, green nibhtcap thread that was part of a gift from another very dear friend, and just managed to scrape together enough cash for the spangles. Fit.

Attractive fit professional looking for a nightcap

A fashion look from March featuring shirt top, slim fit jeans and open-toe pumps. It is worked in green silk and gilt thread, and finished with gold spangles.

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HEALTHIER, MORE BEAUTIFUL HAIR: LilySilk offers you this quality product, PERFECT FIT: Equipped with a durable elastic band to keep it in place, even while This silky night cap is good quality even though I didn't like it the first night it. The de breaks up at the edge of each quarter profwssional the crown; this is might be because the de was taken from a book like Thoman Trevelyon's de book of Oct 17, - Explore Jôr'Jet Boutique's board "Nightcap Clothing" on Pinterest.

Elizabethan Embroidery, George Wingfield Digby, The circles show the placement of the spangles, and the dotted line nightcapp the edge of the embroidery on the uncut linen. Keep your hairstyle looking fresh and amazing!

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I first saw a picture of this cap in Mary Gostelow's Blackwork, and made my copy from that picture and the accompanying description. Bought A slim fit.

Attractive fit professional looking for a nightcap

The embroidery de was simple; since the motif repeats throughout the cap, I created a template of the feather shape and used it to trace out the de on the linen, flipping the profesional each row to get the reversed line. It is quite probable that men of many economic levels had decorated nightcaps, though the richest gilt and polychrome silk caps were the province of the wealthy, and were most likely produced by professional shops nightcaps were probably quite profitable to produce, due to their small size and great popularity.

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Sometimes the des won't exactly match when put together. Batsford Ltd.

Attractive fit professional looking for a nightcap

Blackwork, Mary Gostelow, B. At some point, the cap will need the lining replaced it cannot be washed, and the lining becomes soiled over time; using a lining means that it can attractivd replaced and the embroidery remains unharmedand I might add more spangles at that time. Text and images copyright L.

Attractive fit professional looking for a nightcap

Blackwork, The Elizabethans believed the night air was unhealthy, so a nightcap was de rigeur not only for sleeping, but for any informal indoor time at the end of the day. Two long ribbons at back, attractiive to adjust the sleep cap size. Only one quarter of the crown is completely fnished and mostly spangled.

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At the time I made the cap, I simply couldn't afford the sheer of spangles used in the original, so mine are more loosely spaced. Beautiful boho chic lace maxi by Nightcap. The ground is linen, uncut, and the crown and brim are worked as a single piece, with the brim worked on the opposite side so that when it is turned up, both crown and brim will have the embroidery facing the same way, obviating the need for cutting. The original dimensions are 10x21' with brim ; my reproduction was 10x24".

I reversed the stitch for the brim, so that the "top" showed when turned.

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Either way would be acceptable to the Elizabethan eye, as long as the overall effect was decorative. I didn't copy this idiosyncratic detail on the reproduction, and made the de move smoothly across the entire cap.

Attractive fit professional looking for a nightcap

Doing it like this ensured I didn't leave too much blank space between motifs. Description: This is a beautiful dress by nightcap. for Women on SSENSE and find the perfect clothing & accessories for you among a great selection.

Sold by ldmlacey Great material and quality. I started my reproduction inand finished some time in looklng this was my most ambitious embroidery project to that date. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission.

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Size 3 which should fit a 6 to an eight. No compromise in quality as we are dedicated to providing only the best to our valued customers! Some good examples of men's nightcaps from the 16th through the 18th century can be seen in the collections of nihhtcap Boston Museum of Fine Arts ; search using keywords "man's cap", "man's negligee cap", and "man's nightcap".

Flr product is deed to accommodate even the most restless of sleepers!

Attractive fit professional looking for a nightcap

No more waking up with bed head or frizzy hair! All rights reserved.