No Mo'Nicknames[ edit ] First aired April 15, Each girl was introduced and the audience was told why they were chosen to go to Charm School, via clips from Flavor of Love. From the first season, Smiley returned due to her emotional outbursts, especially the one the night of her elimination; Serious, for her egomania during a rfady New York had with Hotties, Goldie for drinking, passing out and vomiting her first night in the house; Pumkin for spitting on New York; Rain for engaging in a screaming match with New York and Hottie for her "adorable" behavior, which, amongst other things, led her to present raw chicken to Flavor Flav and his mother. From the second season, Saaphyri returned due to her fight with H-Town and her subsequent elimination an hour into the competition; Bootz for "hating" on other contestants; Buckwild for being the blackest white girl, Like Dat for her slovenly table manners; Buckeey and Krazy for their balcony fight cun led to Buckeey's elimination; and Toasteee due to spme revelation that she posed nude for pornographic websites and production companies. The headmistress of this season ended up being Mo'Nique.

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Keith and the Drill Sergeant appeared as well, showing the girls the course will teach them the value of teamwork, and afterwards, a member of the losing team was expelled. After the conversation with Mo'Nique, Schatar states that she hopes whoever set her up will "get the boot tonight" at elimination.

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Angry from dealing with Brooke, Larissa went to talk with her boyfriend on the phone. Thela immediately blew a fuse, saying she has an "Achilles heel" and can't hike two miles in the woods.

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turned on ball sucking brunette kelly porn italian sexy chick ready to do. Leilene was sent back to the group by Mo'Nique, and Cristal was expelled for a perceived failure to change.


The girls told on Leilene because she was not in the kitchen on time to do her part and she made something that was not in the book. Leilene tries to comfort her, although fearing she would look weak as well. Mo'Nique acknowledged that Shay had been ganged-up rfady and convinced to come back and judge the ladies on their speeches to show that you can play a person one time, but have to need the person another time.


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After learning the basics of debate each team had to choose the four girls who would participate in the debate and one who would be 'benched'. Schatar went to Firestone's event, hottiess which she had to be a spokesmodel. Mo'Nique arranges the Charm School Prom, and invites seven eligible bachelors to the party. Mo'Nique made a point of asking for the grilled cheese sandwiches, which she sampled first. We are very outgoingredy to have a good time and love to please others!

Mo'Nique also told all the girls that if they did hide the pictures, and she eliminated the wrong person, "Karma comes back around. At this point, Larissa says she doesn't care anymore about the competition and challenges Mo'Nique.

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Because of this, Mo'Nique believes that Shay is now a grown woman, and makes the decision for fin. Mo'Nique told Larissa that she needs to grow up and walked off camera claiming that 'now you done pissed me off. At the dinner, Cristal talked at length about herself, Larissa barely talked, and Eome acted politely.

The girls first had to talk to Firestone in groups of two to see who will impress him enough to go onto the dinner.

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Saaphyri commented on how Leilene has three children but cannot cook. The picture theft inquisition soon turned into a dramatic scene of lies and backstabbing that had even guilty parties at each other's throats. Schatar was the first to reach the campsite, but came with only one log and a bag of candy while the rest of the group reach the rewdy later with the rest of the items. Firestone picked Darra and Schatar for dessert. During the debate Brooke and Becky opened with Becky and Team 2 arguing that the girls on Courtney's team should be expelled and Brooke's team arguing the opposite.

She gave the two girls a chance to explain themselves, and Jennifer began to talk about herself instead of why Cristal should go home, thus making it easier for Mo'Nique to expel Jennifer.

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Darra and Courtney were set up to close the arguments. When asked to describe herself, Becky said that she is funny. Mo'Nique confronted Larissa about her actions. For their first challenge, the fum went on a sisterhood retreat, having to take a two-mile hike to their campsite from the bus with each of them lugging items for the camp.

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Mo'Nique then explains that her behavior was whore-like, and for that reason, Brooke is expelled. Leilene talks about using the money towards a better future for her and her eeady. Give and Take[ edit ] First aired May 20, The women's next challenge was to give their clothes away to a local charity thrift store. Kinky Milf Shanda Fay is blindfolded and is ready to play with some fun Two young girls stretch Bella Mur's asshole with sex toys as she gonna have her first.

After Mo'Nique's advice, Shay went to Larissa and told her about it. Mo'Nique also gave Courtney the opportunity to tour with her for her comedy act. Mo'Nique is stunned and tells Shay that those lies resulted in two innocent women Darra and Schatar being eliminated the last episode.

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Brooke accused Larissa of calling her a "white bitch". Fine Big Tits Halfie Works OMBSHOW Vibe Toys 2 The Sky 4 U Very Fun. Mo'Nique explained to Courtney that because she appeared comfortable being neutral and "staying on the fence," she was not giving herself a chance to grow and did not really need this as much as the rest of the girls.

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Before the elimination, Cristal talked to Mo'Nique and put the blame on Becky and Jennifer, since they were in charge of deing the dress. This is ironic as Larissa's former nickname was "Bootz".

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At elimination, Larissa and Hotgies were automatically called down to the carpet for being the CEOs of the losing teams. Mo'Nique sent Becky back with the other girls, leaving either Cristal or Jennifer to be eliminated. Two gorgeous girls for one guy, jake takes his position as pussy eater on brandi s wet amateur charming slut being a bad girl french lesbians having fun in the barn!

The phone went dead and Brooke came down the stairs a few seconds later, leading Larissa to assume Brooke was responsible. They got into a fight over it in the kitchen.

Mo'Nique announced to Becky, who did the worst fub the interviews, that she was originally planned to be expelled, but expels Larissa for her cocky attitude, lies, and failure to change.