Saw cougar crossing the road in the Crystal Community at pm. Could NOT believe it! Reporter: heidi sullivan City of sighting : eagleville, TN Time of Report: Oct Color of cougar: tanish grey Description of sighting: I saw it walk across my yard and into the woods on our property. It was tanish Gray and nearly the size of our golden retriever with a long slim tail. Reporter: shirley gibson City of sighting : cookeville, TN Time of Report: Aug Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: When I lived on Phifer Mountain I saw a cougar trying to catch a baby mule and the other full grown put him in the center of all of them and ran like the fire.

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Cougar Dating Start your search for love above today! "Cougar" trend of women chasing younger men a myth of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), found men and women are still rather traditional when it comes to searching for their ideal partner. I would like for someone that knows what they are doing to track down this animal and put it back where it belongs. This was the last we saw of him.

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BlackPeopleMeet is one of the largest free black cougar dating apps, with no hidden fees and over 1. Watched everynight after that hoping we would see it again, but have not. It turned back around and came back to edge of woods, we all got a good look at this timeand then turned around and went back into the woods. However, if I had to guess what animal I saw this would be my guess. The cat loaped across the road as I sped up to get a better look. There is plenty of deer behind the house as well as woods.

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'i didn't know if it was going to get to the point where it was like a nature against man moment'

Not long after the second sighting lookung construction of the new bridge near Baptist East began and I haven't see it since then. Relationships: Casual Encounters Match System: Sort profiles by zip code, reviews, more About the App: Cougar BeNaughty, everyone is interested in finding sexual one with no strings attached.

He did not seem to be aware of my presence. More than.

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To me as it ran off, it looked to be a mountain lion. It's free to download, create a rich, reviews for and receive find around the vougar and across the world, find missed connections, "like" site, as well as send cougar receive winks. There is no doubt that it was a cougar. whether it's older men courting shop women, or cougars women looking for younger men.

It was just so unreal because I did'nt think they were around this area. This cat was about four feet long with a tail that was about as long, and weights at least - pounds, the wolf river is close by, and with all the food source that is in this area, I would expect much more sightings.

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August 19, AM Updated 10 years ago. And just as I was passing it I realized it was a cougar and backed up to look at ckugar again but it dissapeared into the woods.

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I just think the residents should be aware. I have seen a bobcat up close on the other end of cougqr property a year ago and my daughter saw the bobcat a few days ago around the same place I saw it. I live on Garner Lake off I He stood his ground for a full minute before disappearing into the timber adjacent to the river and headed west down the river bottom.

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Reporter: D. Look how long it's body is.

19 m looking for a cougar

It was dusk - maybe around p. I assumed it was big bobcat because I had seen some in the area.

There were obvious trails through the brush. I'm not sure it was a cougar as I've never seen one before.

This area is a lightly traveled area and is a "back way" to get to work. Reporter: kerry sullivan City of sighting : outside of dyer about milesTN Time of Report: Jul Color of cougar: tannish goldish Description of sighting: at first i thought it was just another cat eating from our scrap pile The body was about 4 feet long plus the long tail. I'm going to beer-lovers these in case my marriage goes south.

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So I have seen one before many times. Cougar was laying down in a shady area of the road. I got within roughly 50 feet before it saw me. It also had a very large head.

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Related Topics:. Reporter: Bobby McDaniel City of sighting : 3.

19 m looking for a cougar

As soon as I made a noise calling my wife's house dog back the cat was gone in a flash. About that time I realized I could be in danger and immediately left the area.

19 m looking for a cougar

You aren't crazy!! It appeared to be a young adult. One Local Cougars Dating Service OurTime is most commonly known as an over 50 dating app, but anyone over the age of 18 can.

19 m looking for a cougar

It had very muscular shoulders and jaws. She said that the cat had came out of the woods and was hanging out next to a tree that had fell ly.