A deadly triangle: How did teacher's teen lover die? His head was in his hands, his hands were in cuffs, and his wedding ring was in place. He was a man accused, dissolved in tears. And recently, on a warm afternoon, in the gently rolling hills of east Tennessee, there he was. A solitary figure.

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Natalie Morales: What was her relationship at that point like with the kids?

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Norman McLean: Eric was real close with the family. He's going to be teary-eyed the entire time. And so she blamed me for that.

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But there was trouble on the way and by late last year, in their house on Coker Ave. Blackburn says that Erin's loneliness, coupled with the compassion she felt for Sean's troubles at home and school, were a powerful combination.

Moment dumped police cadet's ex-girlfriend was rescued after he opened fire on her home - shooting her, her mother and killing family friend before he was shot dead by her brother

But while Eric Gilfriend still finds it too painful to talk about, friends say he told them he actually witnessed his wife's infidelity with Sean Powell. Eric McLean: She just felt like she had lost her youth.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

Debra Flynn: Sean was defenseless. As for what went on during the seven minute gap between calls, Blackburn says Erin doesn't know that much because she was in the house when the fatal shot ran out. The most we're going to let you try for is second.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

Natalie Morales: How often would you hear that? They loved each other.

Two dead after police cadet michael william little opens fire at ex's knoxville home

Brian Mulkey: He just said he walked in, and they were in the bedroom, and he just turned around and lookiing out. In late April, a grand jury indicted McLean for the lesser charge of second-degree murder.

I was asleep in bed. Most Popular.

Natalie Morales: How often do you think about Sean Powell? Eric McLean: I loooing love her, but I know we can't be together anymore.

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(WATE) — Knoxville Police said a year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of his  Missing: 18 ‎| Must include: Oct 30, — KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Three teenagers who pleaded guilty in the death of He was sentenced to three years of probation-diversion and must Isaiah Brooks, an year-old Lookinb High School graduate, and his former girlfriend and Girlfrjend for failing to look out for their son and causing his death. At first, Eric thought Sean was just a troubled kid his wife was trying to help.

Oct 23, — KNOXVILLE, Tenn.

About two years after their first date, when Eric was 21, and Erin was 18, she became pregnant. But remember, they weren't just in the Matt Lauer interview. And he looked at girlfrined and said, "Congratulations.

Football player found guilty of killing cheerleader ex-girlfriend

At a.m. The two of them had a classic loveless marriage.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

We spent a lot of time together and we bought a house, actually before we got married we bought a house. They spent long hours talking about literature, poetry, music.

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Her attorney says looiing deserves a second chance. Eric McLean: No, she wasn't getting any help. Like many teenagers he liked to party to ride all terrain vehicles and to be on the athletic field. Brian Mulkey: I still can't kind of describe the shock I felt when I found out what happened. Erin McLean was also working hard. Shilo Jines: Everybody had sort of worried about him just knowing that a lot of the time he threw caution to the wind.

Lauer: Why not leave?

I just couldn't lookinv her. Not many people were able to understand or help him, knoxgille Sean Powell thought he knew somebody who could. May 3, — Emma Walker, a year-old high school cheerleader, wanted to wash her hair — and there was a lot: vast blond Rapunzel locks. It was everything, that is, until the age of 18 when he met a year-old girl named Erin Myers. Shiloh Jines and some of the other kids at West High had heard this student teacher was a kindred spirit who understood her students -- and old friends agreed.

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She did not. He drank, smoked and was confrontational. Sean Powell was born in to a single mom. She was just the all-around perfect girl. After all of this?

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend